It’s a fact that your house and property are your most important investment. In order to keep your investment healthy, regular maintenance is required.
All American Power Washing can help.  

 Whether you plan on staying in your home for years to come, or plan on selling it soon, curb appeal is important. Our trained power washing technicians will clean and protect your property from harmful containments, enhancing its curb appeal and increasing value. 

Soft Wash House Washing

 A house’s exteriors are continuously exposed to the environment. If it is not cleaned and washed regularly, the sidings can easily gather mold, mildew and dirt resulting to an early deterioration of your home. House washing helps in taking away all these contaminants so you can help preserve the exterior of your home and also increase curb appeal and resale value.

We clean the following types of home siding:

Roof Cleaning

 It’s not something many of us think about, but every roof can benefit from professional cleaning.  As durable as your roof is, you don’t want a novice pressure washer ruining your roof by spraying water at full blast– this can dislodge your shingles and push water into places it shouldn’t be. The correct and safe way is the soft washing technique, and All American Power Washing are Veterans at it.

Soft washing is a pressure washing method that many may not be familiar with, but it’s perfect for cleaning hard to delicate surfaces and hard to reach areas. Soft washing is a low-pressure washing method that uses a much lighter pressure of water combined with powerful cleaning solutions to shower a surface area with deep cleaning foam. This foam breaks apart all the contaminants that cling to your roof and allows for a gentle rinse off afterward. There’s no better way to clean a roof without damaging it than the soft wash technique that we use. 

Here some of the benefits of having your roof cleaned:

     *  Avoid costly roof repairs. Saving you thousands of dollars.
     *  Extend the useful lifespan of your roof.
     *  Cleaning can remove twigs and leaves which work themselves under your shingles and tiles, damaging your roof. 
     *  Remove mold, ALGAE and MOSS that grows in the cracks between shingles or under them.

⚠️ ALGAE and MOSS pose a danger to roof shingles. The algae’s natural activity eats away at the tiles, making them thin and brittle. Therefore, they are failing to insulate your home properly.

MOSS can creep underneath your shingles, titles, and slates, uprooting them from your roof and causing damage. This uprooting can lead to holes, leakage, and your roof’s structural degeneration. 

Not every house has the same shingles, but our roof cleaning crew has experience cleaning them all! Some of the more common types of roof we clean are:

     *  Asphalt Shingles             *  Slate Shingles 
     *  Wood/Shake Shingles    *  Clay Tile
     *  Concrete Tile                    *  Ceramic Tile
     *  Rubber Slate Tile             *  Metal Roofing

And many more!

For peace of mind, customer satisfaction, and high-quality workmanship, nobody does the job better than All American Power Washing. For professional roof cleaning that you can rely on in the Houston area contact us today!

Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway, sidewalks and walkways are the first things that people will see as they drive up to your home. We offer hot and cold pressure washing services to remove grime, oil, dirt, mold, mildew, and other materials.  We will do our best to remove those unsightly oil stains to improve your curb appeal.

We offer the highest quality of service at reasonable rates, and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. The chemicals we use are completely safe to you, your children, your pets and your plants. By the time we’re done, you will have the nicest-looking curb appeal on the block. 

Other Home Pressure Washing Services that we offer:

     *  Pool deck cleaning
     *  Wood deck cleaning / staining
     *  Wood fence cleaning / staining
     *  Brick / Stone fence cleaning
     *  Gutter cleaning 
     *  Chimney cleaning
     *  Window cleaning


For residential pressure washing at its finest in Houston and the surrounding area, count on no other than All American Power Washing!